The reasons for making a donation are many:  in lieu of flowers, in honour of credit union pioneers, a retirement or birthday gift, in memory of loved ones, in recognition of volunteer work, as a bequest, or leaving a legacy for future generations. Whatever the reason, you can be assured that the recipients of the awards generated from these donations are very appreciative of the tangible support they receive. Over two hundred bursaries are provided annually to post-secondary students throughout BC.

To Make a Donation:

Enter & print out the donation form and mail to:

Credit Union Foundation of BC

c/o 1441 Creekside Drive

Vancouver, BC

V6J 4S7

Indicate to which Memorial or Trust fund you wish the donation be credited.  Please refer to the Memorials & Trusts section of the website for a full listing of the existing funds from which to choose.  For example, if you have an affiliation with a specific credit union, you may wish to select their credit union named fund or if you have an interest in international development, the A. Rod Glen International Trust Fund may be appropriate.  While awards from some of funds may indicate preference to specific studies or communities such as the Paul Humphries Memorial for aviation related studies or the Thomas Cooper Memorial for residents of the Comox Valley area, most are made available for all students, in particular the Credit Union Pioneers Memorial.

The Credit Union Foundation of BC is a registered charity with Revenue Canada. Official receipts are issued for all donations so please include your full name and address.  If the donation is a gift in lieu of flowers, the name and address of the next of kin should be provided so that an acknowledgement card can be sent to the bereaved.