Distinguished Service Award

BC Credit Union Distinguished Service Award Nominations:

The BC Distinguished Service Awards (DSA) were created to recognize individuals for their outstanding service in the BC credit union system. The awards are not limited to credit union directors and employees, nor limited to those that have had a long career in the BC credit union system, but include all persons who have made excellent contributions to the system and the co-operative movement.

Nomination form and award criteria:





Distinguished Service Awards – past recipients

2023Anita Braha
Gene Creelman
Gus Hartl
2021Helmut Pastrick
Tamara Vrooman
2019Jeremy Trigg
Emmett McGrath
2017Gene Blishen
Terrence Enns
David Craigen
2015Rose Moore
Patrice Pratt
Richard Thomas
2013Rowland Kelly
Linda Archer
2011Harley Biddlecombe (posthumously)
Daniel Burns
Dale Eichar
2009Barbara Ciarniello
Peter Cook
2008Richard Beattie
George Scott
2007Alex Copeland
Barry W. Forbes
Jack Whittaker
2006Helmut Krueger (posthumously)
Wayne Nygren
2005Brian Elliot
Rev. Gordon Holtby (posthumously)
John Iseli
Doug King
A.H.W. (Bill) Moxon
Stan Stonier (posthumously)
2004Michael (Mike) Betts
Pearl Graham
Cathy Manson
2003D. Earle Gallagher
Sylvia Pritchard
William G. (Bill) Wellburn
Robert F. Williams (posthumously)
2002Ripley (Rip) Robinson
David (Dave) G. Griffeth
2001Henry Jansen
Michael (Mike) Tarr
2000Ross & Diane Parkin
Bob Quart
John Lucas (posthumously)
1999Doug Stanley
Bruce Higgs
1998Richard Allen
Kirk Lawrie
J. Philip Moore
George S. May (posthumously)
1997Jill Kelly
Peter Cook
Ian MacPherson (2nd Award)
Bernie H. Proft
1996David Levi
Jerry & Belle Lundie (posthumously)
Clarence Morin
Jac Schroeder
1995Chris Dobrzanski
Ingrid Fischer
Farley Dickinson (posthumously)
1994A. Rod Glen (posthumously)
Tod Manrell
R.J. (Bob) McMaster (posthumously)
Ben H. Voth
1993Joe Corsbie, Sr.
J. Wesley Darling
William J. Wright
Donald W. Bentley (posthumously)
1992Geoff Hook
George McCulloch
Peter Podovinikoff
Susanne Raschdorf
Don Tuline
1991G.R. Ian MacPherson
Wayne McKay
Lewis T. van der Gracht
George Viereck
1990Peter J. Heyming
Richard A. Monrufet
Ernest J. Simpson
Frederick Graham (posthumously)
1989May Campbell
Ron E. Davies
Voilet De Courcy
Laurie Feenie
Albert Gladu
Marcel Gysel
Kenneth G. May
Don Nelson
Ian Strang
Lucille Sutherland